How I Keep My Energy Flower Fresh During the 200-hour Teacher Training

Holding space for our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) may be seem exhausting or tiring, as one might imagine. Our training starts at 6am and ends at 7pm after mindful dinner.  So, how do I keep my energy flower fresh and mind clear to be there for my students, and to keep up with their energetic and keen minds? The answer is; Qi Gong (and a good night sleep!)

Qi Gong is a long term mindful movement program practiced to circulate, cultivate, regulate, enhance, and guide internal energies called β€œQi” to achieve health, vitality, and spiritual awareness. It is an ancient Chinese system of healing and rejuvenation. It involves using your mind, conscious breathing and body to direct the flow of energy. 

I learned this system of internal healing in 2007 while taking an injury break (broken metatarsal - yikes) from my daily mixed martial arts practice. 

Four out of the seven days during YTT  I get up as early as 2:30am to practice my Qi Gong, after a mindful delicious cup of coffee, of course. The other three mornings, I practice yoga or pranayama (breathing exercises).  On achy body days, I just sit and focus on my breathing. 

Attached is one of many simple routines I've designed and practiced regularly at sunrise by the ocean at the training. I'd like to share it with you and hope you'll enjoy it as much as me.

Smiling, breathing and moving,

Qi Flow for the Hips