Learning How to Still the Body & Mind @ 200-Hour Training

The art of being still is easier said then done. When we're used to "doing" in life, it's already challenging enough to still the body let alone still the mind.  Imagine learning all the Qi Gong, mindful and yoga tools to help calm down the twirlings of the mind for 26 consecutive days. This is what our students at the training are cultivating. When the body is still, the mind can come home to it. When the mind and body are no longer separated and are both still, we start to see and understand our sufferings and learn how to take care of our sufferings, rather than running away or suppressing them. That is a deep practice that anyone can do; as seen here in the video with our students after module 1: Understanding Yourself.  Module 2 will be a continuation of practicing looking deeply to connect to our love, joy and peace, also known as true self.

Join us at our next Yoga Teacher Training in Vietnam, November 2020.