My Three Faithful Friends


I have 3 faithful friends in my life. They are mindfulness, yoga and Qi Gong. They have all been faithful because they have woken me up and rescued me from my unconscious life. They have sprinkled more love, joy, stability and peace into my life. In return, I have sprinkled love, joy and peace onto other beings I meet along my journey.

Because they have been faithful I am more awake, aware and alive.  I vow to be faithful in return; from the moment I wake up till the moment I lay down to close my eyes. I feel blessed to have these dependable friends.

I call upon mindfulness every day. Mindfulness helps me see the beauty around me, including my family, friends, people I don’t know and other beings. Mindfulness constantly reminds me that if I victimize someone I also victimize myself. If I’m kind to another person, I am also kind to myself.  Mindfulness has given me the super power of awareness.

Yoga. Yoga is like a weed whacker. It continues to whack away endless unnecessary and insignificant weeds, better known as thoughts, worries, fears, anxiety etc. Yoga helps my mind come home to my body every time I step on the mat.  Yoga gives me breath and strength to calm down the spontaneous strong emotions or mind twirlings, especially when someone utters unkind words to me. I now have better control of my mind thanks to the focus and concentration yoga has cultivated in me. Yoga has also gifted me with insights to live with deep inner peace and joy.

My other ancient best friend named, Qi Gong, has transmitted much of its healing powers called, “life force energy” or “Qi”, to me. When I get sick Qi helps me get back on my feet quickly. I am grateful that I only get sick once or twice a year thanks to the consistently healing that Qi Gong has nourished every cell of my body. Every morning, Qi Gong reminds me to breathe and gently and slowly move to wake up the creaky and aging body. My friend, Qi Gong, has also taught me to cultivate deep gratitude to my organs for the complex work that they do together 7-24 to keep me smiling, and the other important thing, alive.

There you have it; my three faithful friends. Who are your faithful friends?

Love, peace & joy,