Corporate Mindfulness & Qi Gong Training


In early January 2019, we traveled to Dalat, Vietnam to offer training to corporate managers of a world renowned company. We shared mindful practices such as meditation, Qi Gong, walking meditation and other awareness exercises. We also shared with these busy managers how to simply incorporate these practices into the workplace. By the end of the day’s training many shared these deep yet simple insights into what they need for their family life and self-care. Here are some of the insights they shared:


  • Speak lovingly to daughters - not out of anger

  • Create peace in family - be a good example for my children

  • Be calm and less angry with children

  • Give more love to my children

  • Share and communicate better with my loved ones

  • Invite my children to practice meditation and yoga with me

  • Bring mindfulness into work, family and children

  • 5-minutes of daily mindfulness practice with my family


  • Create a sitting/breathing space at home

  • Take care of my short temper (perfectionism)

  • Take care of strong emotions at work/home

  • Reduce my thinking

  • Stop and breathe when strong emotions come up

  • Practice smiling more frequently

  • Feel freedom on my in and out breath

  • Put mindfulness practice into my daily life

  • Exercise more for health and take care of my body

  • Deep relaxation before sleeping and think of the good things that happened in the day.

Can you relate with any of the insights shared here? If you can, you are on the right path of well-being and we encourage you to add mindful practices into your daily life. Life is just too short to not enjoy it. If you need guidance, please feel free to contact Hang and Sarah at

May you be well and happy,
Hang & Sarah