A Song Called "Dear Hang and Sarah!"

Our spiritual family, the Passionfruit Sangha!

Our spiritual family, the Passionfruit Sangha!

On the last day of yoga teacher training in Kingston, Ontario. our lovely group of yoga teacher trainees, the Passionfruit Sangha, wrote and performed a song dedicated to us and the training. Both Hang and I were overwhelmed with love and gratitude for their song and the wonderful month we had shared together. We invite you to breathe and smile as you enjoy watching the video and reading the lyrics below.


Dear Hang and Sarah, we’re full of gratitude
Dear Hang and Sarah, we love you, yes we do!
Thanks for the guidance and all you’ve given us
The asanas, the pranayamas, anatomy, Qi Gong and gathas

Dear Hang and Sarah, you’ve shown the path to bliss
Dear Hang and Sarah, your presence we will miss
Thanks for the sage advice, the chance to learn and grow
The sharing and the caring and the loving and the mindfulness

Dear Hang and Sarah, yoginis we are now
Dear Hang and Sarah, you have shown us how
To love our inner selves and our bodies too
With forgiveness and awareness, loving kindness and sweet gratitude 

Dear Hang and Sarah, your teaching is the best
Dear Hang and Sarah, to that we all attest
Thanks for the wisdom and all the joyfulness
The breathing, and the walking and the mindful eating, oms and chanting