6 + 1 Things

6 + 1 things I wish high school taught me:

  1. Nutrition and how to cook simple healthy meals to nourish my body, the temple of my soul.
  2. A Personal Training course to safely take care of the temple of my soul.
  3. Yoga or Tai Chi to keep my soul clear and fresh... and weed free!
  4. MINDFULNESS so I can enjoy every bite of my cooking, love & take care of my body with awareness, carry the yummy yoga/Tai Chi practice off the yoga mat & sprinkle it everywhere, on every person, plant & animal.
  5. Math is not at all that scary and can teach me to solve other life problems... on my own. *whoop*
  6. How two rite a propa centince...centence..scentense...sentense....Argh, Eye giving, give, given up!
  7. Cultivate respect, appreciation, understanding & compassion for the people around me, especially my parents.

And, that's all I have to say about that :-)