YMTT Reflections

We had such an amazing month by the ocean in Vietnam.

If our Instagram account is any indication, it was a month in pure paradise!

Our yoga & mindfulness teacher training (YMTT) students were with us for 26 straight days. Some of them had no prior experience with mindfulness before. They went from living without awareness to truly stepping on the mindful path, embracing mindful eating, mindfully walking everywhere around the resort, making up their own gathas (mindful poems), and in love with every single Plum Village mindful song :-) We laughed and cried tears of joy in every Dharma sharing! There was so much transformation as suffering was let go of, and many awakening and joyful moments. And now our students are already out there (in Canada and Vietnam) sharing yoga and mindfulness with their students and feeling so much joy doing it. 

We feel so blessed to be able to live and share this beautiful mindful path.