Loving, Peaceful & Joyful Awareness

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What is mindfulness? This is the question we start with at all our trainings and workshops, with a brainstorm on the whiteboard. We love hearing our students' answers and every brainstorm is different and full of beautiful insights.

For Hang and I, the mindfulness practice begins with being present so that we can have awareness of four things:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Emotions
  4. Surroundings

As the mindfulness path is about cultivating understanding and compassion for ourselves and others, we like to practice with loving, peaceful and joyful awareness of these four things. This way there are no judgments or reactions, and we are aware of ourselves and others in a very kind and gentle way. 

So next time you become aware of an ache in your body, a thought or an emotion, try practicing loving, peaceful and joyful awareness, and smile at it with your understanding and compassion. 

With a big joyful hug,