A New Journey, A New Look

March 18, 2015. 5am. It was the morning after a week of recharging our Mindfulness energy with over 150 nuns and monks at Thai Plum Village monastery near Bangkok. Joyfully waiting for a taxi to the airport to return to Saigon, Sarah turned to me and out of the blue said, “It’s time to leave Vietnam, Hang.”

My first reaction was excitement and joy. Naturally, I said, “YES!”  That short thought by Sarah set off ripple of possibilities for us. We started to brain storm new possibilities like:

1)      More time with our respective families and home countries; Canada for me, Australia for Sarah.

2)      Sprinkling our love and joy for well-being everywhere we go and grow our spiritual family. Like, become a mobile holistic school, which rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it? Seriously, who wouldn't want to travel the world, meet new people, engage in new cultures while sharing our love.

The question of how are we going to sustain ourselves as travelling yoginis naturally surfaced as a topic of conversation. That question, in itself, opened up a whole new can of exciting worms for us. The root answer was quite simple; continue to offer what we offer with a global vision.

So, the wheel of motion started to set in; move out of our current Saigon saigon om location early June, head back to Canada to start sprinkling the love with yoga and mindfulness workshops and classes in Kingston, my hometown.

In early July saigon om became a Yoga Alliance School. By late August we met a wonderful artist and internet guru named Amy Pierrson who laboured on our new saigon om logo, guided us to push our boundaries in the social media area to increase saigon om awareness, and encouraged us to go “professional” with a refreshed webpage to reflect our global vision. Thus, the birth of this wonderful new saigon om website, our new pride and joy. Thank you, Amy!

Our aim is to inspire visitors to our website with our blog and to let you know about the trainings that we offer in Australia, Vietnam and Canada, as a start. We look forward to the new journey and exploring other parts of the world as we connect with more people on the same path. Be it Mindfulness, Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. We are ready.

Smiling at Life,