1) Teach 8 hours of Restorative Yoga
Includes teaching restorative yoga in studio classes or to family/friends. Keep a record of each class and include:

  • Date & class length

  • 1/2 page lesson plan

  • 3 things you liked about your class

  • 1 thing you would like to work on

2) Attend 8 hours of Restorative Yoga Classes
Attend (be a student) eight hours of restorative yoga classes. Keep a record of each class and include:

  • Date & class length

  • 3 things you liked about the class (use checklist examples)

  • 1 thing you would change (use checklist examples)

  • Checklist Examples:

    • Teacher's presence/mindful manners

    • Where to feel the pose - lengthening, stretching, opening, etc.

    • Sequence and themes.

    • Gave moments of silence?

    • Did the teacher use mindful cues? Awareness of breath, mind, body, surroundings/perception?

    • Helpful with students' needs? Gave permission to adjust or modify, offering props, options.

    • Available before and after class?

    • And anything else you observed and enjoyed about the teacher/class - be specific.

3) Submit your Records of Teaching and Attending Restorative Yoga Classes
Make sure you document each class (you teach or attend) really well so you don't forget. Send your completed records in a Word document to hello@saigonom.com with "Restorative YTT Homework" in the email subject heading. Please send in your observations at least one week before the follow-up session so we have time to read through it.

You do not need to have completed all of the 8 hours of teaching listed by this follow-up session. However, we recommend that you teach/attend at least 4 hours by then. Remember that your "teaching hours" do not have to be formal ie. in a yoga studio. It can be one-on-one or to a small group of family and friends.

4) Follow-Up 2-hour Session
Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 9-11am. This session will include:

  • Sharing your teaching experience to inspire and learn from one another.

  • Sharing your observations of other teacher's classes as a constructive learning tool.

  • Q and A session.

5) Investment $125
Payable via etransfer to hangnhan@hotmail.com or cheque to Hang Nhan.

A Note on Yoga Alliance Hours
You can "claim" this 30-hour training course only once as either:
1) A 30-hour training now or
2) Wait and claim it later on as a 50-hour training towards your 300-hour YTT with saigon om
But you can't claim for both. Unless you plan to enroll in the entire 50-hour Restorative YTT in the 300-hour program.

Please let us know if you need further clarifications or have questions.

With ease and peace,
Sarah & Hang